Channel Islands Marine Floating Lab

Channel Islands Marine Floating Lab (CIMFL) offers an innovative approach designed to heighten one's awareness and understanding of the marine environment. This 3 1/2 hour expedition onboard the R/V Pacific Islander allows participants to analyze biological, chemical and physical properties of the ocean, all while never leaving the protected waters of the Channel Islands Harbor.
Touch the gooey bottom and identify all that lives within when you haul up a sample from the depths. Launch and haul in the otter trawl, a specially designed collection device that allows participants the opportunity to see and touch all that lives below. Once collected, specimens are kept alive in touch tanks and aquariums for further activities.
Utilizing a station rotation process, CIMFL staff set up four separate activity stations. Participants, once divided into smaller working groups, rotate through each station taking part in our unique hands-on approach to learning.
In the onboard lab, participants will be able to identify live plankton and other microscopic organisms as they are easily brought into view with our state of the art equipment.