May 19, 2023

Caifanes at The Canyon at Oxnard PACC

Between 1987 and 1995, Caifanes released four albums that altered the course of Mexican rock history.

Since April of 2011, Caifanes has shared their music on stage with over 5.2 million people.

Their fans span several generations who celebrate their devotion to music and lyrics at every show. Being at a Caifanes concert is not an event to be missed.

For younger fans the music is fresh and new; for older ones, the songs have become a soundtrack to their lives. Live shows serve as ceremonies to unify voice and spirit alike.

There are those who would like to categorize or define the group, but that has proven futile. Caifanes is as contemporary, innovative, and relevant today as it was in 1986â€Ĥa timeless entity that continues its artistic and inviolable journey.

Change and evolution have always been part of its story. As the band continues to evolve, some things remain the same, the power of their music and connection to generations of fans.

Caifanes is a timeless band that continues their journey of delivering powerful and emotional concerts.

$69 / $79 / $89 / $99 / $149 + applicable fees

With regard and respect for the safety of our patrons large bags are not permitted. No bags bigger than 10” x 16” allowed