Jul 13, 2024

Channel Islands Harbor Fine Arts Festival at The Channel Islands Harbor

Recurring Event

Welcome art enthusiasts, connoisseurs and those with an eye for creativity! Get ready to attend a weekend filled with sheer artistic brilliance at the highly anticipated Channel Islands Harbor Fine Arts Festival

Prepare to be dazzled as you wander through a colorful kaleidoscope of artistic expression. The Channel Islands Harbor Fine Arts Festival brings together a curated selection of artists, each presenting their unique vision and creativity. From the timeless beauty of clay and the shimmering allure of glass to intricate jewelry, exquisite paintings, mesmerizing photography, resplendent metalwork, and awe-inspiring sculptures, there’s an artistic marvel to enthrall every visitor.

With more than 45 talented artists showcasing their original masterpieces across various mediums, this extraordinary free event promises to be an unforgettable celebration of fine art and fine crafts.