Jan 13, 2023

Elite Theatre Presents Laundry and Bourbon/Lone Star

The Elite Theatre Company is proud to announce its upcoming production of Laundry and Bourbon/Lone Star – two one-act comedies by James McLure directed by Kimberly Demmary. The production runs for four weekends beginning Friday, January 13, 2023.

Roy (Scott Blanchanrd), a brawny, macho type who had once been a local high-school hero, who is back in town after a hitch in Vietnam and trying to reestablish his position in the community. Joined by his younger brother Ray (Patrick T. Rogers), who worships him, Roy sets about consuming a case of beer while regaling Ray with tales of his military and amorous exploits. With the arrival of Cletis (Asher Mitchell), the fatuous, newlywed son of the local hardware store owner, the underpinnings of Roy’s world begin to collapse.

Meanwhile on the front porch of Roy and Elizabeth’s home in Maynard, Texas, on a hot summer afternoon. Elizabeth (Lea Roman), Hattie (Jolyn Johnson) and Amy Lee (Maddie Boyd) are whiling away the time folding laundry, watching TV, sipping bourbon and Coke, and gossiping about the many open secrets which are so much a part of small-town life. Despite all the trials and tribulations, the humor never lapses, as we take a peek into what it means to live, love, and sacrifice.

The two plays, combine for a full night of theatre, will run January 13 – February 12.