Sep 14, 2024

Lima Bean Fest at the Oxnard Historic Farm Park

Join us at the Oxnard Historic Farm Park on Saturday, September 14, 2024, for the First Annual Lima Bean Fest!
This unique celebration honors our rich history as the once-proclaimed Lima Bean Capital of the World with various lima bean-themed activities. Experience the versatility of lima beans in our lima bean tasting contest, unleash your creativity with lima bean crafts, and witness the power of history in action with a live lima bean thresher demonstration. Maybe you’ll get crowned the lima bean counting champion? Only one way to find out!
The day will be filled with lively music and insightful tours of Oxnard Historic Farm Park, offering a perfect blend of fun and learning for the entire family.
Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands on Jeffrey Maulhardt’s latest book, Ventura County Lima Beans, A History, a fascinating exploration of the crop that shaped our community. At this festive event, celebrate our heritage and the legume that put us on the map!