Jul 25, 2024

Nurse John at Levity Live

Recurring Event

Show Times:
Thursday, July 25 @ 7:30PM
Friday, July 26 @ 7:00PM & 9:15PM
Saturday, July 27 @ 6:00PM & 8:30PM
Sunday, July 28 @ 6:00PM & 8:30PM

John Dela Cruz's (aka Nurse John’s) comedy is like a mental breakdown at work… leaving you crying, screaming and laughing simultaneously.

It’s this relatable humor that has garnered John over 10 million followers and growing across his social media platforms. In addition to a massive social following, John also hosts the wildly popular podcast I Beg Your Pardon which shines a light on the ups and downs of the healthcare industry.

An actual nurse by profession and comedian by heart, his portrayals of life working in healthcare have proven hilariously relatable to those both in and out of the industry.

John's ability to combine reality, truth and entertainment at the same time continues to inspire millions around the world that with enough caffeine, medication and hydration…you too can make it to your next shift.