Jun 4, 2023

The Elite Theatre Presents Six Degrees of Separation by John Guare

The Elite Theatre is proud to its upcoming production of Six Degrees of Separation by John Guare, directed by Brian Robert Harris, running for five weekends on the Main Stage from June 2, 2023 to July 2, 2023.

Inspired by a true story, the play follows the trail of a young black con man, Paul, who insinuates himself into the lives of a wealthy New York couple, Ouisa and Flan Kittridge, claiming he knows their son at college. Paul tells them he is the son of actor Sidney Poitier, and that he has just been mugged and all his money is gone. Captivated by Paul's intelligence, his fascinating conversation and the possibility of appearing in a new Sidney Poitier movie, the Kittridges invite him to stay overnight but in the morning,.. things have changed. As the final events of the play unfold, Ouisa suddenly finds herself caring for Paul, feeling that he gave them far more than he took and that her own idyllic life was not what it seemed to be.
Six Degrees of Separation is presented with the approval of Dramatist Play Service, Inc.