Feb 2, 2023

Tom McClain at Levity Live

Tom McClain is a popular comedian, podcaster, and radio guy out of Ventura County.
Tom has the unique ability to draw the fun-loving immature adult in all of us. From his childhood stories about Sac-Town, to his military service in the Hawaiian Islands, all the way to becoming a hockey dad, he leaves very little to the imagination. Tom has always worked tirelessly at combining his passion for comedy and sports. Years after becoming a fixture on sports talk radio and television programs, he spent 4 years behind an AM Radio Station Sports Desk and began hosting “The Walkout Live” a popular MMA Podcast with fighter Mark “The Menace” Young. He once performed live for a jam packed Arco Arena as a part of an NBA game between the Kings and the Indiana Pacers.
As Tom approaches 50, he has decided that he will no longer pursue his own athletic career, due to the fact that he is almost in horrible shape and has no athletic ability whatsoever.