Channel Islands Harbor

*Channel Islands Harbor is the permitting agency for film. Please allow about 3 weeks for Film Permit approval.

For filming at Channel Islands Harbor or use of Channel Islands Harbor parking
lots, contact the Channel Islands Harbor District Harbormaster, Captain Andy Werner, at 805-973-5961 or by email at [email protected]. Some sites at the harbor fall under the jurisdiction of the City of Oxnard. Andy Werner will help determine if the filming location falls under the Harbor District jurisdiction or the City of Oxnard jurisdiction.


There are two types of film permits that productions can apply for: over-the-counter ministerial permits (not subject to environmental review) and discretionary permits (subject to environmental review). The over-the-counter film permits can be issued to allow a maximum of 14 out of 180 days of filming productions activities per over-the-counter ministerial permit issued in the Coastal Zone. There is no limit in the Coastal Zone on how many productions can film in a given year, and productions may film back-to-back so long as each production is 14 days or less. Film production activities that exceed 14 film days are required to obtain a discretionary Planned Development Permit.

About Channel Islands Harbor

The expansive Channel Islands Harbor has open walkways, restaurants, outdoor adventures and a waterfront hotel. With approximately 2,150 boat slips, as well as marina facilities, sportfishing facilities, chandleries and shops. 310 acres (200 acres on land and 110 acres of water) comprising the Channel Islands Harbor.

The Harbor is owned and operated by the County of Ventura.