Film Oxnard

The City of Oxnard is a film-friendly destination that welcomes productions just sixty miles north of Los Angeles on the California coast.

Reasons to Film in Oxnard

  • "Is that the same X from X movie?" Oxnard is an under-filmed town with a wide variety of locations amenable to film.
  • We're responsive and easy to work with. We do our best to help point you to a "yes" and operate on reasonable timelines for permitting.
  • Do you have last minute questions? Film Oxnard is here to answer your call or email... and if we miss you, we'll respond ASAP.
  • Send us your scouts - we're happy to set up site walks or put you in touch with locations that might suit your needs.
  • Film where you're comfortable. We have no east winds here in Oxnard.
  • In addition to a variety of locations, we have great relationships with different tiers of hotels that can host crews overnight.