Mandalay Generating Station/Power Plant


This 56-acre property is extremely unique and perfect for television, movie, and photoshoots. It is an abandoned powerplant directly on the beautiful Pacific Coast. It boasts 3 primary unique settings in addition to many other smaller areas:

(1) Located directly on a large private beach with beautiful sand dunes; stunning views of the coastline are available from the top of the structures next to the beach
(2) The large abandoned powerplant is perfect for an industrial feel with several components, machine types, and elevations
(3) Empty office spaces that are great for filming or to use as dressing rooms / staging areas


- Due the large size and several different components of the powerplant, there are almost unlimited options for an industrial feel.
- The top of the powerplant offers stunning views along the coast and of the beach
- So you do not need to be seeking an industrial feel
- Simply the coast!
- The beach is privately accessed from the property thus a very unlikely chance of other people being on the beach.
- The beach is full of sand dunes creating a very unique environment.
- Plenty of air-conditioned indoor space with wifi for hair/makeup/crews/breaks.


Click HERE to see aerial video of Mandalay Generating Station.