Film Oxnard

The City of Oxnard is a film-friendly destination that welcomes productions just sixty miles north of Los Angeles on the California coast.

Why Film in Oxnard?

Flip the script and set the stage in "underfilmed" places outside LA's typical 30-mile incentive zone.

Oxnard's beautiful backdrops

Channel Islands Harbor: Vitamin Sea Photography

Nestled along the picturesque shores of Southern California, Oxnard has always been a hidden gem for filmmakers seeking stunning backdrops and a touch of cinematic allure. With its breathtaking beaches, charming neighborhoods, and diverse landscapes, Oxnard offers an unparalleled canvas for your next film project.


Harbor / Beaches

With 7 miles of expansive coastline, colorful beachfront homes, palm trees planted in the sand and very little coastal development, this area of town is perfect for productions looking to capture imagery with beaches nestled betwixt the stunning Topatopa Mountains (inland) and the Channel Islands across the channel. One of the largest harbors in California for small-craft recreation, Channel Islands Harbor boasts dense networks of channels and numerous marinas for a variety of shots.

Check out these Harbor/Beaches locations: Zachari Dunes on Mandalay Beach, Mandalay Generating Station/Power Plant, Marine Emporium Landing and more!

Zachari Dunes at Mandalay Beach
Plaza Park

Downtown Oxnard

Amidst the vibrant heart of Oxnard lies its downtown, with its historic district with stunning craftsmen style homes, iconic theaters from a bygone era, plaza park with central bandstand pagoda, and Heritage Square with the town's original farmhouses, Downtown Oxnard offers a captivating setting for your next film endeavor.

Check out these Downtown Oxnard locations: The Carnegie, Plaza Park, Henry T. Oxnard Historic District and more!

Near Highway 101

As you enter Oxnard heading north on Highway 101, exit Rice Avenue to enter our industrial and business district, home to businesses like DW Drums, Procter & Gamble and Herzog Wine Cellars. Continue north along Highway 101 and exit Vineyard Ave. to find Oxnard's premiere shopping district, The Collection at RiverPark, on the "El Rio" side of the highway, or Pacific View Tower and River Ridge Golf Club to the south and west.

Check out these locations near Highway 101: Annex Food Hall, River Ridge Golf Club, Nyeland Acres Santa Claus and more!

Annex Food Hall; Photo by Brallan Perez Favela
Oxnard College Campus; Photo by Crescencio Fajardo

South Oxnard

Primarily a residential area within Oxnard, South Oxnard is home to Oxnard College and College Park, as well as Bedford Pinkard Skate Park.

Check out these South Oxnard locations: Oxnard Pallet Co., Oxnard College, Bedford Pinkard Skate Park and more!

Film History

Oxnard's Notoriety as "Hollywood by the Sea"

In the 1920s and 30s, Oxnard's beaches starred in Golden Era films, like Rudolph Valentino's The Sheik. Due to its sweeping sand dunes, which looked to filmmakers like the Arabian desert, Oxnard's shores gained notoriety as a film destination and playground for the rich and famous. Stars like Clark Gabel, Errol Flynn and John Wayne all worked and vacationed here. The name "Hollywood by the Sea" took hold - our beaches are even named (to this day) "Hollywood Beach" and "Silver Strand Beach" (for the silver screen). When driving through our beach areas, you'll notice the streets are named for Hollywood thoroughfares: La Brea, Tujunga, Sunset - to name a few!

Oxnard's Hollywood by the Sea in 1926; Photo from USC Libraries
"Absolutely incredible space! We could have easily spent a week here. Site reps were helpful and communicative." Kimberly H., "Power Plant on the Beach" Client

Where You've Seen Oxnard

Melrose Place

Oxnard played a pivotal role in Fox's American prime time television soap opera Melrose Place. Oxnard's serene beaches and picturesque settings served as a backdrop to the intricate lives and secrets of the show's characters. This drama series utilized Oxnard's unique landscapes to enhance the show's compelling narrative, drawing viewers into the tumultuous yet beautiful world of its characters.

Captain Marvel

Oxnard soared into the spotlight with its feature in the blockbuster hit "Captain Marvel," where its locales transitioned into a bustling hub of action and heroism. Oxnard's diverse settings complemented the film's dynamic storyline, featuring Brie Larson as the titular hero. Our city's landscapes seamlessly morphed into part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, setting the stage for some of the film's most thrilling moments.

Back to the Future Parts II & III

Oxnard stepped into the future with its appearance in the iconic sequel "Back to the Future Part II." As the film whisked audiences through time, Oxnard's versatile landscapes provided a glimpse into the adventurous spirit of the 1980s' envisioning of the future. Explore the locations in Oxnard that echoed with the footsteps of these beloved characters, capturing moments that have become etched in the hearts of fans worldwide.

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TOP Reasons to Film in Oxnard

  • Under-filmed. "Is that the same X from X movie?" Oxnard is an under-filmed town with a wide variety of locations amenable to film.
  • Privacy while filming. Oxnard's public areas are less crowded than public places you might find in Los Angeles.
  • Diverse locations. We have beautiful scenery that can look like various different places.
  • Drive time. Although outside "The Zone," we're actually a quicker drive for crew living in North LA/The Valley than many other parts of LA because of inter-city traffic congestion.
  • Easy communications. We're responsive and easy to work with. And pro-film! We do our best to help point you to a "yes" and operate on reasonable timelines for permitting.
  • Quick response. Do you have last minute questions? Film Oxnard is here to answer your call or email... and if we miss you, we'll respond ASAP.
  • We're helpful! Send us your scouts - we're happy to set up site walks or put you in touch with locations that might suit your needs.
  • Great weather. Film where you're comfortable. We have no east winds here in Oxnard.
  • Overnight accommodations. In addition to a variety of locations, we have great relationships with different tiers of hotels that can host crews overnight.