Channel Islands Expeditions

This Epic Ocean Adventure is Vessel Supported

Using our custom built "adventure vessel" the Sunfish to get to the islands, we unload the kayaks in an upwind location on the Western end of the island chain. We then paddle with the prevailing wind at our backs down the rugged volcanic cliffs and through the many sea caves and arches.

This day trip is truly unique to California, but we think you'd be hard pressed to find a guided trip this close to a major US city (40 miles to LA) with so much diversity and wildlife... and suitable for families and beginners alike. Sure, we may be biased, but we have all worked and lived around the world and come back to the Channel Islands because it is unbeatable.

We paddle entirely in a Marine Protected Area, or Ocean Wilderness so we'll have an excellent look at all of the ocean creatures with wings and fins from the quiet seat of our ocean "sit-on-top" kayaks.

We offer this trip during the summer months and into the fall because this is the best weather window for paddling into sea caves. It's also during the nesting season for the birds that call Anacapa home. We'll have an intimate view of Brown Pelican, Cormorant, Western Gull, and Oyster Catcher chicks along with the birds of prey such as Peregrine Falcons and Bald Eagles, which also nest on West Anacapa Island.

You will be placed in tandem kayaks with your group members, and single kayaks for odd number groups. Each kayak has a comfy seat and we'll provide a mesh bag to place your snack and water into. No experience is necessary and your guide/s will offer instruction on how to kayak along the way.