Channel Islands Harbor

The pristine Channel Islands Harbor serves as a gateway to the Channel Islands National Park with fun-filled water adventures, seaside parks and a dramatic coastline. Treasures abound here, whether you’re seeking an ideal spot for an afternoon picnic, looking to catch the perfect epic wave, or exploring the scenic vistas on foot or by bike.


When it comes to dining, Channel Islands Harbor serves up not only the freshest catch of the day but also incredible views, free of charge. From romantic settings to casual patio surroundings, the picturesque Harbor is home to a variety of restaurants.

At Marine Emporium Landing, check out The Waterside Restaurant, Moqueca Brazilian Cuisine, Honey Cup Coffee & Kitchen and Sea Fresh. Every Sunday, farmers bring fresh agricultural goods directly from the field to the weekly Farmers Market held year round from 10am to 2pm. The market is a great place to stock up on baked goods, fresh seafood and thoughtful gifts as well.

At Harbor Landing, check out The Lookout Bar & Grill, Mrs. Olson’s Coffee Hut, Ventura BBQ Company, The Masala Twist and more. Yolanda’s Mexican Café is a waterfront favorite on the Seabridge Marina side of the Harbor. Beloved for their margaritas, check them out on Visit Oxnard’s official Oxnard Taco Trail map.


Opportunities for outdoor adventure are plentiful in the Harbor. Choose from a range of recreational activities including jet skiing; kayaking; stand up paddleboard yoga (SUP yoga) and more. Skip around the harbor with an electric boat rental, go sportfishing or soar 1,000 feet in the air with Channel Islands Parasail. For those interested in maritime history, the Channel Islands Maritime Museum features five centuries of art and a treasure trove of maritime paintings, ship models and artifacts.

Fall in love aboard an authentic Venetian gondola as it glides through the canals of the Harbor. It’s tradition to kiss your sweetheart beneath the Sea Bridge, and your gondolier may even sing for you. For groups, the luxurious Scarlett Belle paddlewheel riverboat is ideal for weddings, large functions and special events. Tall ships typically voyage to the Harbor in late winter; check back for tickets.

Channel Islands National Park, often referred to as the “Galapagos of North America” is just 11 miles from shore creating an opportunity to experience the magnificent wonder of this natural ocean environment. Set sail from Marine Emporium Landing with Island Packers, Ventura County’s official concessionaire to the Park. The operator provides all types of excursions including non-landing whale watching trips, day trips to the islands and even overnight trips. Set out for the islands, hike to the campgrounds and sleep under the stars; return to the mainland when you’re ready.


Stay overnight with a marina-front balcony overlooking the harbor and its lineup of stunning yachts. Hampton Inn Channel Islands Harbor is nestled betwixt Fisherman’s Wharf and Marine Emporium Landing, with opportunities for kayaking, sailing, tennis and fishing within walking distance.