Channel Islands Maritime Museum

CIMM’s collection is a treasure trove of maritime paintings, ship models, and artifacts that rival some of the finest European and U.S. collections. Sumptuous seascape paintings by 17th century Dutch masters, 18th and 19th century English Romantics, French Impressionist painter Boudin, and unparalleled contemporary maritime painters complement the finest museum-quality ship models on the West Coast, including the Marple Models: nine exquisite, highly detailed scratch-built warships; and intricate “bone models” carved by French soldiers held captive during the early 19th century Napoleonic wars. The Upper Deck hosts interactive contemporary exhibits, featured temporary exhibitions, art receptions, and engaging Third Thursday lectures.

Museum windows look out over the Channel Islands Harbor’s passing sailboats and gorgeous views. The Channel Islands National Park sits just offshore, and the sea lions on the dock out front add tremendous character to the traffic stream. Visitors are invited to view the art on their own or take advantage of the museum’s knowledgeable, free guides.

We have created a unique presence at the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, CA, which celebrates the essence of everything maritime, and we invite you to share the adventure on the high seas with us!

Beginning January 4, 2022, the Channel Islands Maritime Museum will be presenting its latest temporary exhibition “Coast Guard Art” in its Brenda and Gary Farr Gallery.

The Coast Guard Art Program, tasked with revealing the truth and educating the public through diverse mediums, goes beyond the simple recording of events. Coast Guard Art, made by those who protect our shores, commemorates, instructs, documents, and raises morale at home and at the front.

Showcasing the very best of this collection, this new exhibit includes moving portraits, gripping search and rescue scenes, and depictions of everyday life during the maritime conflict. All of these masterful artworks reflect our complex relationship with the wild ocean and its abundant ecosystems and illustrate that indeed, the Coast Guard is always ready.

Beginning April 7, 2022, the Channel Islands Maritime Museum (CIMM) will present its latest exhibition, “Chouinard Arts.” Original student works of the famed Chouinard Arts Institute will be displayed through the early fall of 2022.

On loan from a local collector Ms. Joy Roy, the nine‐piece collection brings a wide variety of maritime subjects to life. The pieces are heirlooms of her grandfather, the artist Stan Johnson, who attended Chouinard and traded these small works amongst his classmates more than 80 years ago. All of the pieces date from the 1930s and include early works by Arthur Beaumont and Millard Sheets, both of whom had long and distinguished art careers. Arthur Beaumont would become a
renowned WWII maritime artist, and his depictions of battleships and naval battles were featured in National Geographic Magazine. Beaumont is best known for his later watercolors of ships and harbor scenes. Millard Sheets was one of the earliest of California Scene Painting artists and helped define the art movement. Many of his large‐scale building‐mounted mosaics from the mid‐20th century still exist in Southern California

Beginning May 10, 2022, the Channel Islands Maritime Museum (CIMM) will be presenting its latest exhibition “71% ‐ Honoring Vital Waters” in its Brenda and Gary Farr Gallery.

"71%: Honoring Vital Waters" is an eclectic, mixed media show of pieces by local artists Shannon Celia and Mary Neville. Through figurative expressionism and colorful abstraction, both Celia and Neville delve into the beauty of our world’s waters, including oceans, freshwater lakes, rivers, swamps, glaciers, and ice caps. 71% examines maritime history and present‐day ecology, exploring how maritime factors shape our culture, food, art, and recreation. From the dreamlike salt
flats of Badwater Basin to the dark depths of the Mariana Trench, come, witness, how the beauty of our waters shapes our experience on Earth.