Herzog Wine Cellars

Different events and times require different wines. Herzog Wine Cellars offers more than 25 unique varietals to match your every mood. From globally distributed brands to exclusive boutique programs that produce only 100 cases, every bottle that wears the Herzog name is crafted in the California winery.


Herzog Wine Cellars has always pushed itself to be out in front of the pack as leaders in innovation. We lead by example. From a custom, on-site water treatment facility to sustainable materials and practices in the production process, as well as pushing to adhere to strict sustainability standards in our vineyards, being good stewards of the land is a primary practice for the company.

Vice President of Winery Operations Joseph Herzog sums it up, “Producing quality wines–and being that we’re a kosher winery–sustainable is just a perfect fit.” Senior winemaker David Galzignato elaborates, “We approach sustainability from an E2E process. And while we’ve made great strides, our work is far from done." David continues, “We currently have sustainability certificates for our vineyards in Alexander Valley and Clarksburg and Lodi. Sustainability is a priority for the winery and one of my passions.”


Herzog Wine Cellars offers wine tasting, cigars, chocolates, tours, special events, winemaker's dinners and Mediterranean-inspired kosher cuisine at Tierra Sur Restaurant.