Island Packers

Island Packers has boat trips to and from the Channel Islands. Our boats are powered by bio-diesel fuel and are eco friendly. The islands offer lots of fun for the entire family. While visiting the islands you can hike, camp, kayak or take a guided wildlife tour. There are plenty of marine mammals on the islands. Find out the best times to see whales and marine mammals by calling our landing at Channel Islands Harbor. All guided tours are offered by independent businesses.

Island Packers ServicesWe have lots of exciting ways to explore the beauty of the Channel Islands.
Boat Trips to the Channel Islands National ParkWe have boat trips to most of the islands in the Santa Barbara Channel. Our boat trips offer:
guided island tours
guided kayak tours
overnight camping trips
educational toursVisit our website for more information about our boat trips to the Channel Islands
Harbor CruisesTake a harbor cruise on one of our pleasure boats. Call us for more information about our summer cruises. We have private harbor cruises and charters available. Our boats can accommodate up to 65 people. Our cruise ships have sound and video systems. Be sure to bring your DJ, Band or MP3 player. We also host weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, and private parties.
Camping at Channel Islands National ParkWe offer campers with drop off and pickup. Be sure to arrange your boat ride before reserving a campsite. We don't visit the islands every day.
Kayak The Channel IslandsKayaking is a time honored tradition at the Channel Islands National Park. The Chumash Indians used Tomols which resemble large canoes to travel to and from the islands. Today the Channel Islands are a top destination for kayakers of all skill levels. The islands have lots of coves and sea caves that will impress the most avid kayaker. We offer three kinds of kayak activities.
Guided kayaking trips
Kayak Rentals
Personal Kayak Transportation to the Islands
Educational ProgramsOur K through 12 learning programs offer full day tours the Channel Islands. Our learning programs offer tours of the following.
Anacapa Island
Santa Cruz Island
half day informational tour of the Santa Barbara Channel
C.I National Marine SanctuaryVisit our educational programs for more information.