Reel Guppy Outdoors

This educational program is an interactive educational introduction to California’s marine ecosystems: pierside, ocean, lake, river and tide pool. You can select one or more ecosystems as the focus for your in-classroom “field trip” simulation. With the Channel Islands National Park in our backyard, the marine sanctuary ecosystem is our most popular topic. We use non-living organisms, displays, props, and artificial lures to simulate the ecosystem. To promote responsible angling, we also discuss conservancy efforts, sustainable fisheries, environmental stewardship, anti-littering and clean-up, and state fishing regulations.

Head to the Real Guppy Learning Center, which invites the Oxnard community to explore hands-on displays of local marine life, participate in educational activities and learn the basics of fishing at no cost. Scheduled classes also cover topics like knot tying, fishing pole repair, and the ocean ecosystem.