May 31, 2024

The Elite Theatre Presents "She"

Recurring Event

The Elite Theatre Company is proud to announce its upcoming production "She".
A New Play by Kimberly Demmary, Directed by Jolyn Johnson.

SHE is the story of a Victorian House in San Francisco and the 4 incredible women who live there in the 60's, 90's, 2002, and present-day. The women, while not knowing each other personally, are connected through the house and their experiences. Each one is dealing with her own demons, relationships, reflections, and newfound strength. As their stories unfold and we learn more about Mrs. V, Adora, Nadine, and Victoria's lives we ultimately learn about the power of moving on. Love, loss, and self-discovery, all unfolding with the light of San Francisco shining in the background helping them along the way.