Signature Products Made in Oxnard

Oxnard, CA – What do custom outdoor umbrellas, high-end drums, sweet jellies, yummy ice cream and gourmet macarons have in common?

All these nationally sold items are made in Oxnard. Take, for instance, Santa Barbara Designs, which uses locally sourced materials and vendors to create elegant outdoor umbrellas. Visitors can follow the beat of the drum to DW Drums, a world-renowned manufacturer of drums, considered to be the biggest drum manufacturer on the planet. Consumer paper goods are also manufactured in Oxnard at the Proctor & Gamble manufacturing plant established in 1969. Leading makeup manufacturer, ColourPop Cosmetics is also located in Oxnard. The award-winning company is known for its natural products and affordability. Agromin soils, composts and mulches used in farming are created in Oxnard, which is perhaps not so surprising given the town’s origins as an agricultural epicenter. Certified organic and non-GMO probiotic drinks, master brew kombucha® and apple cider vinegar tonics sold by KeVita? Yep! Brewed in Oxnard.

It’s hard to believe, but those are just a sample of the goods created in this beautiful Southern California coastal destination. But, wait! There’s more…

Sweets & Confections Made in Oxnard

McConnell’s Ice Cream has been scooping up fans for decades with its homemade, no preservative, pure-flavored ice cream. McConnell’s Ice Cream’s manufacturing plant has been based in Oxnard since 2017. Another of the sweetest manufacturers in Oxnard is Duverger Macarons. Each of its macarons is confectioned in Oxnard, using the best fruits, berries, nuts and almond flour in its baking process.

We Bee Poppin gourmet popcorns offer kernels freshly popped in Oxnard. Founded in 2015, We Bee Poppin was inspired by the Food Truck night scene where it seemed that every corner of the culinary world had been covered except for a gourmet and tasty treat that could be shared with friends and family. Popcorn flavors have been developed off of local childhood favorites, cultural fusions and creative combinations that have placed gourmet popcorn in a new light. Grab a handful of flavors including churro, mango habanero, elote, kaptain krunch and more!

Jellies & Preserves Made in Oxnard

An iconic American company, J.M. Smucker Company is headquartered in Orrville, Ohio, operating a manufacturing plant in Oxnard producing a variety of jams, peanut butters, beverages, shortening, ice cream toppings, oils, and other products. Under the company’s umbrella, Dickinson’s Family Preserves, Relishes, Fruit Butters and more hit the production line in Oxnard before hitting grocery shelves around the country. Since 1897, Dickinson’s has offered Purely The Finest in premium quality fruit spreads and delicacies. Dickinson’s authentic “American Gourmet” character is carefully preserved to remain true to the company’s 100-year-plus legacy. Only premium varietal fruits and pure, high-quality ingredients are used in Dickinson’s products.

Spirits & Craft Beer Made in Oxnard

Bringing the fire to the campout, Sespe Creek Distillery mixes the flavor of BBQ and whiskey together to create international award-winning spirit, Warbringer Mesquite Smoked Southwest Bourbon. Produced and bottled in Oxnard, this combination makes whiskey lovers stand up and take notice!

Putting the micro in microbreweries, Red Tandem Brewery’s nanobrewery pumps out high-quality ales brewed and poured onsite. Named for the red tandem bike that owners Mark and Johanna Caviezel occasionally ride around the neighborhood, which they also call home, the brewery offers up beers with names like Sea Hag, Double Sea Hag and Red Tandem Red Ale. Be sure to relax with one of its award-winning IPAs.

With a unique focus on mixed fermentation farmhouse-style ales, barrel-aged wild ales, and Northeastern IPAs, Casa Agria Specialty Ales knows a thing or two about a good ale. Its craft saisons are on point, too. Sample a taste of “Hopsnard” with its Austerity peach saison, Mirror Flexin’ DIPA & Undecaffeinated Imperial Stout, bottled, canned and sold online. Head to the tasting room any day of the week for a flight or a pint.

Musical Instruments Made in Oxnard

Drum roll please… By private appointment only, visitors can book a weekday tour of the world headquarters for Drum Workshop, an internationally acclaimed drum kit and hardware manufacturer founded in 1972. Drum Workshop boasts an incredibly impressive artist roster, including Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters), Neil Peart (Rush) and Josh Freese (The Vandals, Guns N’ Roses and Devo).

Also locally grown, Era Drum Company is an Oxnard-based kit builder dressing shells in glitter, pearlescent and wood finishes worthy of thunderous applause.

Maker of fine guitars, Larrivée also calls Oxnard home. The manufacturer, originally of Toronto, prides itself on master craftsmanship by way of its involvement in selective logging: personally hand-picking tone woods from the forest floor – from the jungles of India to the south of Spain – for use in its production cycle.

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