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Oxnard Travel Guide: How to Plan Your Trip When You're an International Traveler

Plan ahead, take the stress out of travel, and enjoy the journey. Here's what you need to know before planning your international trip to Oxnard, California.

Planning an international trip requires some research and organization. While you need to make sure your passport isn't about to expire, and you have the right visas for your trip, you can save time by creating a travel checklist to ensure you have everything you need for a fabulous trip abroad. Create a system to help you remember what you need to do, so you don't end up at the airport and realize you forgot something important. One of the first things to consider before any big trip is travel insurance. If you miss your connection or your luggage gets lost, make sure you know what your travel insurance covers and what it doesn't. If you're planning on renting a car to get around, get familiar with California laws. Remember, we drive on the right side of the road and measure things in pounds, feet, and inches.

Plan ahead, take the stress out of travel, and enjoy the journey. Here's what you need to know before planning your international trip to Oxnard, California.

Oxnard travel guide

With a comfortable year-round climate, it's always a good time to visit Oxnard. Whether you're planning a California road trip or heading to Channel Islands National Park, there are plenty of activities and things to do for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and couples who love to travel.

While California is known for its ideal climate, you will need a jacket and warmer clothes during the winter months. Weather ranges from the mid-60s to the high 70s Fahrenheit most of the year.

  • During the summer months, the weather can shift between 75 and 80 degrees on average.
  • In winter, expect average temperatures around 66 degrees F, with an average low of 47 degrees.

Getting Here

If you're dreaming of the ultimate California road trip, be sure to add Oxnard to your must-stop list. While you might have heard of Santa Barbara, San Diego, and San Francisco, don't miss out on Oxnard's world-class surf and beaches, wineries, and breweries on your visit to "The Golden State."

Escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities, and relax and unwind in this coastal town. To travel to Oxnard, take the 101 freeway.


  • Oxnard to Los Angeles - 61.9 mi (99.6 km) via US-101 S
  • Oxnard to San Diego - 181.5 mi (292 km) via US-101 S and I-5 S
  • Oxnard to San Francisco - 363.2 mi (584 km) via US-101 N
  • Oxnard to Paso Robles 162.7 mi (261 km) via US-101 N
  • Oxnard to Santa Barbara - 38.1mi (61 km) via US-101 N

Getting Around

If you want to skip traffic and save on gas, there is a train station conveniently located in Downtown Oxnard. The Amtrak Pacific Surfliner stops at the Oxnard Transit Center several times a day so you can sit back and enjoy the view from San Diego or San Luis Obispo.

Need to recharge your electric vehicle? There are four Volta charging stations, located behind Yard House and in front of Whole Foods at The Collection RiverPark, and 20 Tesla charging stations located along the 101 freeway side of the shopping center.

Where to Park - While many locations in Oxnard offer free parking, check the posted signs and feed the meter, so you don't get a ticket.

LAX Shuttle - Book a ticket on the Ventura County Airporter Shuttle for transportation between Oxnard and LAX. The shuttle leaves from Oxnard Airport and costs $45 for adults and $30 for children. Give yourself plenty of time, so you don't miss your flight. Check here for departure times.

Currency Conversion

Whether you're dining out or shopping in Oxnard, most locations accept cash and credit cards. Opt for a credit card with no foreign transaction fees to save money when you travel. There are also several ATMs conveniently located throughout town. Check here for the latest exchange rates.


Tipping in California is not mandatory, but it's expected when someone provides excellent service. At restaurants, it's customary to tip at least 15-20% to your waiter. It's also common to leave $2-$5 per night for the hotel cleaning staff. A small gratuity is also left for taxi drivers, hotel porters, and valets.


It's prohibited to smoke and vape in Oxnard in dining areas, farmers markets, recreational areas including parks, beaches, picnic areas, and walking paths. Keep your eyes peeled for "No Smoking" or "Smoke-free" signs before you light up.

Where to find the Nearest Embassy

If you need to get in touch with your embassy while visiting Oxnard, you'll likely have to travel to Los Angeles. The Mexican Consulate is located at 3151 W 5th St Suite 100 in Oxnard.


The best way for international visitors to get up-to-date information about The Collection RiverPark in Oxnard is to call or text Guest Services Team Members at 805-342-7363. Ask questions and learn tips on how to get the most out of your visit to Oxnard’s premier shopping and entertainment center.

California Lingo

Beach and surf culture is part of California's DNA. Don't be surprised if you recognize some of the terms you've heard in famous Hollywood movies.

Common Phrases + Slang:

  • Take the 101 North/South - Southern Californians use "the 101" or “the 5” when referring to freeways.
  • Dude - a name you call a friend or someone you don't know. "Hey dude, how's it going."
  • Stoked - very excited. "I'm so stoked for the weekend."
  • Coming in hot - moving fast. "He's coming in hot."
  • Come up - a bargain or a deal. "That new hat is such a come up."
  • Bomb - something really great or terrible. "This food is the bomb" would mean the food is good. "We bombed the test" would mean you failed.
  • Chilling - relaxing. "We're just chilling at the beach, come join us!"

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Use our interactive guide to find the best places to stay, eat, and things to do to help you plan your international trip to Oxnard.

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