Ragamuffin Coffee Roasters

Ragamuffin Coffee Roasters is dedicated to making coffee an excellent experience that is easy to share so that you can get together and enjoy your life! At Ragamuffin Coffee Roasters, they ethically source from the world's best coffee, ensuring every hand along the way receives a fair wage.

Shawn and Sarah Pritchett started roasting coffee in their garage and selling the whole bean for fun at the local farmers' market. Their hobby soon turned into a passion, and they soon opened Ragamuffin Coffee Roasters' first brick-and-mortar location in Newbury Park in August of 2015. The local community quickly claimed this shop as their own and has faithfully supported this growing business. In 2017, they opened up a second location in The Annex at The Collection in RiverPark to make new friends and bring excellent coffee to Oxnard.

Enjoy coffee any way you like it, and try the cookies, muffins and hot rolls.

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Coffee & Tea, Quick Service
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