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Carve up the coastline at Oxnard's epic beaches, with waves known to be powerful year-round. Our breaks aren't for beginners, but for intermediate to expert level surfers who enjoy a challenge, our beaches are a surfer's paradise.

Top Surf Spots:

  • Oxnard Shores - distant ground swells make for head high to over head breaks
  • Hollywood Beach - beach break waves for surfers who enjoy a challenge
  • Silver Strand Beach - a beach with three different breaks, perfect for varying skill levels


Surf Spots Near Oxnard
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Grab your deck and head for Beford Pinkard Skate Park in South Oxnard. And stay in the loop on the development of Olympic-sized La Colonia Skate Park.

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Oxnard has its very own hardcore punk music subgenre, and if you're familiar with the subculture, you know that "Nardcore for life" is a way of life. By combining the words ‘Oxnard’ and ‘hardcore’, Nardcore is a reference to the Oxnard hardcore punk scene. Ventura County’s coastal suburban community was the spawning ground for many hardcore punk bands of the early 1980s and became a hotbed for punk and skate bands. Their collective sound became known as Nardcore.

The Oxnard Performing Arts & Convention Center (OPAC), known in the 80’s as the Civic Auditorium and Community Center, was home to legendary Nardcore shows during the first wave of the genre, featuring bands like False Confession, Aggression, Dr. Know, and Ill Repute. Recently, the OPAC nonprofit has sought to support this unique music scene by providing accessible space for new bands and emerging promoters as well as launching an audio engineering academy for teens and young adults who want to learn the ins and outs of producing their own shows. The academy, led by Jesiah Henricksen of Onyx Productions, teaches audio engineering, lighting design and stage management and is free to participants thanks to grant support from the California Arts Council. The academy has graduated nearly 20 students.

Check out Da Nard Times, a hardcore punk fanzine from Oxnard. Looking for a show? Mrs. Olson's is the local hotspot for Nardcore shows, plus check out posts by Oxnard Nardcore event producers @mos_higha, @midnightsocietyproductions and @undergroundsoundproductions.



Oxnard is a national hub for boxing and home to some of the world's most elite fighters. Check out a boxing gym and spar with the best.

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Anacapa Island Ridgeline

The jutting cliffs of Anacapa Island are sure to have acrophiles, those who love heights, chomping at the bit to board an excursion to Channel Islands National Park. As you disembark your Island Packers excursion via ladder climb, you'll proceed to climb 150 vertical stairs to reach the island's plateau. With up to 250-foot drops into the sea from the upper shelf of the island, the bluffs are sure to have you sweating as you near their edge. But, the views are unparalleled. Please stick to the trails, and respect plant and wildlife.

Explore Channel Islands National Park

dancer's pose island cliff
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couple inspiration point anacapa island archipelago

Inspiration Point

Find inspiration before attempting your next feat at East Anacapa Island's Inspiration Point, a 0.8 mile hike from the island's Visitor Center.

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Make A Splash

Get outside with Oxnard's epic water sports operators, where you'll find bucketlist worthy adventures in the Santa Barbara Channel between Oxnard's coastline and Channel Islands National Park.

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Channel Islands National Park

Experience bucket list-worthy adventures at Channel Islands National Park with diversity of wildlife found nowhere else on earth!

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Whale Watching

Witness the ocean's majestic giants in the Santa Barbara Channel, designated as a Whale Heritage Area by the World Cetacean Alliance, right off the shores of Oxnard.

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With pristine weather year-round, visit Oxnard any day of the week for a boating adventure.

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