About Oxnard

oxnard beach coupleGreat location, friendly accommodations, white sandy beaches, outdoor adventure, downtown attractions, award-winning festivals and the Channel Islands National Park -- just 11 miles offshore!

What more could you want in a vacation spot?

Oxnard is steeped in a rich California history. Visit the Henry T. Oxnard National Historic District and Heritage Square for a peek into early-20th century homes. Steel magnate and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie was one of the first to recognize the value of our city when in 1906 he donated money to build a city library. The library is now the Carnegie Art Museum, brimming with fine 20th century California art.

It was over a century ago that Hollywood cinematographers and location scouts discovered Oxnard's breathtaking beaches. In fact, it was in 1921 that Paramount Studios found Oxnard's sprawling coastline to be the perfect stand-in for the Egyptian desert, prompting it to film Rudolph Valentino's The Sheik here. Other Hollywood studios and stars were soon to follow. Clark Gable bought a home here. Charlie Chaplin headed to Oxnard when he needed a respite and John Wayne made fishing his sport while vacationing in Oxnard.

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