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The Best Places for Tacos in Oxnard

December 21, 2019

Tacos Oxnard Taquerias Taco Truck

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The Best Places for Tacos in Oxnard, California

In Oxnard, tacos aren’t just a menu item — they’re a culinary treasure. With dozens of taquerias, taco trucks and Mexican restaurants in town, tacos are the unofficial food of Oxnard (well, besides strawberries).

And now, we’re staking our claim: Oxnard has the most tacos per capita in the U.S. So far, no one’s proven us wrong.


Are you a #foodie on a mission to find the perfect taco? We surveyed locals to find the best of the best street-style tacos, tortas, margaritas and more in Oxnard — if not the best north of the Cali-Mex border. Here are the top picks:

Best Taco Trucks:

Tacos Jerez, Tacos Arandas, Taquizas La Bonita, Tacos El Caporal

Best Tacos and Tortas Joints:

Carnitas El Rey, Taqueria Cuernavaca, The Taco Shop, Tacos DF, La Huerta, La Mancha

Best Seafood Tacos and Mariscos:

El 30 Mariscos Mexican Seafood Restaurant, Otani’s Fish Market & Restaurant, Sabor Taqueria Y Mariscos, La Vero’s Mexican Seafood & Bar

Best Restaurant-Style Tacos:

Francisco’s Mexican Food, Mi Pueblo Mexican Grill, Money Pancho Mexican Restaurant, Montezuma Restaurant, 7 Regiones Comida Oaxaquena

Best Margaritas & Micheladas (AKA “Margs and Michies”):

Cabo Seafood Grill & Cantina, Taqueria El Tapatio (tamarind/mango flavor), Los Remedios, El Chilito, Yolanda’s Mexican Café

Getting hungry yet? Take yourself on a street-style taco tour with our official Visit Oxnard Taco Trail Map.


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