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The Most Amazing Street Murals, Sculptures + Art Galleries in Oxnard

From amazing street murals from homegrown artists to museums with beautiful vintage cars, here are the best places to explore art in Oxnard.

Oxnard is blessed with a beautiful coastline, perfect year-round weather, and plenty of things to do like whale watching, kayaking, and island-hopping adventures to Channel Islands National Park. Take a drive to this coastal town, and you’ll also find an up-and-coming art scene.

We've rounded up the top location where to find the best murals, sculptures, and art galleries in Oxnard.


"Greetings From Oxnard Mural"

Artist: Maxfield Bala
Postcard Mural
Oxnard Transit Center in Downtown Oxnard

California native Maxfield Bala painted a large-scale mural for the exterior of the Oxnard Transit Center in Downtown Oxnard. The 40-foot wide mural has an iconic vintage postcard aesthetic with a stylistic twist by Bala. The murals feature the ocean in the background, with waves breaking onto the shore and a beach carrying up to the surrounding mountain range. A sea lion commonly found off Hollywood Beach looks towards the Bold Oxnard Lettering. The letter O features the Oxnard Pagoda, while the X has two luscious strawberries. A Chevy Impala parked outside one of Oxnard's beaches is shown in the letter N. The A features a sailboat exiting Seabridge. A Channel Island Fox endemic to the Channel Island National Park just off the Oxnard coastline is featured in the letter N. The D includes a pair of boxing gloves paying homage to Oxnard's world champion boxing legacy.

Bala also created a 360-degree mural with visuals spanning from Oxnard’s original Chumash inhabitants and early agricultural beginnings to the current day, showcasing modern landmarks and points of interest, plus an entryway scene depicting a collage of Oxnard’s beaches and Channel Islands National Park. It's located on the second-floor mezzanine.

Interior 360-Degree Mural - North Wall Photo by Brallan Perez Favela

"California Immigrants"

Artist: Celeste Byers
Oxnard City Hall, Third Street

The three-story mural on Oxnard City Hall tells the story of Oxnard’s past and diverse community. California-based artist Celeste Byers dedicated this piece to all the citizens of Oxnard and California as an homage to the diversity of people who helped build the city, state, and country. Celeste has painted over 70 murals in the United States, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Australia.

"Untitled - Class of 2020"

Artist: Love Yo Dreams
Oxnard High School

On your way to Downtown Oxnard, stop by Oxnard High School, where South Central artist, Love Yo Dreams, painted this inspirational mural with a message for our youth. The mural showcases a myriad of colors and a multi-colored pair of hands that represents all nationalities. The hands lovingly hold the earth, delivering a message of preservation and the need for sustainability. The strawberries represent the agricultural history of Oxnard. The mountainous sky signifies the bright future of our youth.

When asked about the mural concept, Love Yo Dreams reflects on his family's artistic lineage and the rich colors of his Oaxacan culture. More specifically, he recalls the whimsical alebrijes, colorful Oaxacan wooden toys, that inspired him as a child to venture into his artistic journey.

This special mural project is sponsored by Walls Are For Murals.


Artist: Mauricio Ramirez
Oxnard City Hall

This 35ft x 15ft acrylic on masonry stucco mural depicts diversity in Oxnard's community. Artist Mauricio Ramirez, 31, is a Chicago-based artist specializing in low-poly style art, which is defined by geometric shapes that can look abstract, especially when up close. His piece showcases the youth of Oxnard, including a recent graduate with cap and gown and Oxnard-born rapper Anderson .Paak. Also shown in the mural is an African American girl and a young child wearing a traditional Mexican dress.

“The mural titled “Growth” features the diversity among the community members of Oxnard. With so many talented mural artists here on the west coast, I’m honored to have contributed here. Special thanks to @ilovehiphop1212 for the on-site support. Special thanks to @anderson._paak for allowing me to paint his portrait. And special thanks to all of those who had stopped by and said hello! Gracias Oxnard!” - Mauricio Ramirez

Mural by Mike Medina and Oscar Medina; Photo by Brittney Hendricks

Artists: Mike Medina and Oscar Medina
Next to Sabor on Oxnard Blvd and 6th street

oxnard murals

“Viva Oxnard”

Artist: @martingarcia_art
Photo by Seven Six Zero Photography @seven_six_zero
1st and C Street on the side of the market.

“Dinastia Garcia”

Artist: Huicho Le @huichole
Photo by
Roberto Varela @dr1beat
Boxnard Mural
Location: Behind 333 W. 4th St. in Oxnard, CA.
Born and raised in California, Artist Hüicho Lé creates art to “bring respect and honor to the indigenous community.” His boxing mural is located on 4th street between B & C streets.

Photo by: Alejandra Cerball

Explore More Art in Downtown Oxnard

On your visit to Downtown Oxnard, keep an eye out for these beautiful and unique murals.

  • Check out the “Oxnard” mural near Ultra Tax on 110 S. A Street.
  • If you park at the 3rd Street parking structure, there are many murals inside and outside the lot. Stand in front of the butterfly and snap a photo. There is also a mural on B street by Carmen Perez.
  • Don’t miss “Whales” on the west elevation of Sabor restaurant on 6th Street.
  • “Agriculture Fields” on the north elevation of the Downtown Smile Center, 826 South A Street.
  • The Chicano artists' mural is located on the north elevation of Golden Tigers Taekwondo on 528 S. A Street.


Next on your list, explore art at the beach. To find the murals created by various artists on the sand, head toward Silver Strand’s southern point. Follow the murals to the point, climb atop the jetty, and you’ll find the steel remains of La Jenelle, a luxury ocean liner that shipwrecked in April 1970.

Mural by Evan Mendel

Artist: Evan Mendel
Various Murals
Silver Strand Beach

California based artist, Evan Mendel has been painting murals at Silver Strand Beach for approximately seven years. His contemporary style is a hybrid of graffiti and fine art. Over the years, he kept painting new walls and invited friends to contribute and revitalize the area with fresh art. “I think we opened up the community’s eyes to other forms of art, and that graffiti is not this one-dimensional thing that is only destructive,” he says. “We need young artists who are free to express themselves in the now, up on the walls. That’s what I would like to see, but I’m happy to say we have a bit of that going on at Silver Strand.”

To check out Evan’s work in Oxnard, visit his Instagram: @awonderfulmistake.

Blogger Mia Tan poses with Jessica Mavros’ “I Am Unoriginal” mural at Silver Strand Beach in Oxnard. Photo by Brittney Hendricks

“I Am Unoriginal”

Artist: Jessica Mavros
Silver Strand Beach

Artist Jessica Mavros was inspired by love and uplifting messages from the community to create her first Silver Strand mural. The mural features two bold faces. The colors and imagery are symbolic of the transition from discouragement to inspiration. The name, “I Am Unoriginal,” came from “a demeaning remark someone close to me had said about my art,” she told The California State University, Channel Islands grad hopes to inspire people to show kindness to strangers through her art.


“Latinx Empowerment” and “De Colores”

Artist: Ana M. Carillo and the Youth Summer Mural Program
Back parking lot of the Oxnard Housing Authority Resident Services Offices at 1500 Camino Del Sol, Oxnard

These two murals in La Colonia are inspired by the community. The “Latinx Empowerment” mural shows Latinx leaders in medicine, space, botany, and literature. While the “De Colores” mural focuses on inclusion and diversity within Latinx culture and the Latinx community.

Explore Murals in La Colonia.

USO Inspired utility box artwork on Fourth Street and C Street in Oxnard; Photo by Brittney Hendricks


Keep an eye out for bright, fun, and colorful utility boxes across town painted with scenes featuring boats, trains, wildlife, agriculture, and boxing culture.

Where to look:

  • Third & C – “Saving Ormond” Ode to Ormond Beach wetlands. Artist: Andi Shoenbaum, Oxnard Beach artist
  • Fourth & C – “Navy Town” Tribute to Oxnard’s military heritage, former USO site. Artist: Erasmo Espino, Traveling artist from Mexico who has several other murals in Oxnard, including at Sabor, Tacos la Bonia
  • Fifth & C – "Be the Change You Want to See” by Destiny Mejia.
  • Sixth & C – “The Oxnard Plain” Spray paint & acrylic. Tribute to migrant farmworkers. Artist: Antonio Macri Ortiz, Oxnard artist, son of housing advocate Barbara Macri Ortiz
  • Seventh & C – “Geometric Patterns” Abstract spray-painted images. Artist: Adolfo Ocampo, Oxnard artist, @i_am_legend91Fourth & B – “Mayan Influence” Stylized vision of a Mayan woman and UFO. Artist: Jason Mascow, Surrealist
  • Sixth & B – Open to be commissioned
  • Third & A – Open to be commissioned
  • Fourth & A – “Oxnard Odyssey” Marina & train station images. Artist: Shannon Ciela, Studio at Oxnard Shores
  • Fifth & A – “Iridescence” Abstract, movement. Artist: Abigail Zamora, New York-trained fine artist, military stationed in Port Hueneme Seabee base
  • Sixth & A – “Boxnard” Tribute to Oxnard boxing (vinyl wrap) Andrea Mendoza, Oxnard Graphic Designer
  • Sixth & Oxnard Blvd – “Los Musicos” (Mexican street musicians) Artist: Brian Sendejaz, Oxnard artist
  • Seventh & Oxnard Blvd – Open to be commissioned
  • Fifth & Meta – “See the Oxnard Plain through the lens of Foster Youth” photo collage coordinated by Christian Ramirez.


Shop, dine, and play at The Collection in Oxnard, and admire the colorful works of art from national and internationally recognized artists. From metal sculptures to ceramic tile murals, the installations at the center are inspired by the California Coast.

“Salmon Run” by Michael Amescua

“At the Beach,” “Chumash Water Goddess,” “La Ballena,” “Full Moon”

Michael Amescua
Cut Stainless Steel Sculpture, Salmon Run
The Collection at RiverPark

Catch Michael Amescua’s stainless steel sculptures on display at the Collection. The LA-based artist uses steel as his primary medium and approaches each project from design to fabrication as creating new artwork.

“The Aquarium” by Frank Bauer

“Sunset,” “Sunrise,” “The Aquarium”

Artist: Frank Bauer
Mosaic Tile Bench + Mural
The Collection at RiverPark

Do you ever stop and wonder how much time and detail goes into ceramic tile art? Frank Bauer creates colorful mosaic work featured on garden benches and a mural in The Collection. He shapes, glazes, and fires hundreds of individual clay pieces for each project.

Channel Islands mural by Walldogs

"Channel Islands"

Artist: Walldogs
Painted Mural
The Collection at RiverPark

Located near REI, get a taste for adventure while you soak in the view of this painted mural featuring the Channel Islands. Riley Forsythe is the owner of Walldogs, one of the last remaining classic hand-paint shops in the country. Snap a selfie in front of this mural, and be sure to tag @visitoxnardca and @TheCollectionRP on Instagram.

The Collection Oxnard
“Kindness in the Shape of Compassion” by Skye Sweet

"Kindness in the Shape of Compassion"

Artist: Skye Sweet
Painted Mural
The Collection at RiverPark

Skye’s art is guided by her lifelong desire to change the world and her passion for community and connecting with other humans on an emotional level. Her vibrant murals are designed with a goal of inspiring others to stop, put down their phones and become completely consumed by the story in the imagery. The new mural at The Collection tells the story of the many people who helped bring the shopping center to life, preserving their legacy in intricate details and vibrant colors.

We encourage you to snap a photo while visiting the mural and be sure to use the hashtag #LifeAtTCRP for a chance to have your photo featured!

El Rio Murals

See these beautiful cultural murals by the Rio Real School on Kenny Street.


Channel Islands Maritime Museum

Bring the kids along to explore Maritime art, ship models, and learn about local history and shipwrecks. Don’t miss the Seascape gallery that features world-class ship models and paintings by Dutch, English, and French artists from 1600 to 1850.

Fun Fact: The oldest painting at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum is from 1622 by artist Adam Willaerts.

3900 Bluefin Circle, Oxnard, CA 92025 (805) 984-6260

murphy auto museum oxnard
Fireball Art Gallery at Murphy Auto Museum; Photo by Veronica Slavin.

The Murphy Auto Museum

Step back in time and check out vintage automobiles on display on Eastman Avenue. The cars at the museum regularly rotate so you can catch a glimpse of something new the next time you visit. The Fireball Art Gallery features the top Automotive Pop Culture and Design pieces from around the world.

1930 Eastman Avenue, Oxnard, California 93030 (805) 487-4333

Independent Art Gallery

Heidi F. Beal is a full time artist who exhibits and teaches comprehensive workshops in encaustic painting (molten beeswax mixed with pigment). Visit inside her studio, and see her artwork in person. She is usually working on many projects simultaneously and is happy to share her process. Find her on Instagram @heidi_beal.

2741 Victoria Avenue, Suite A at Fisherman’s Wharf, Oxnard, CA 93035

Open Door Studio

Open Door Studio’s mission is to promote inclusion and diversity and uplift local arts through the mentorship program for adults with disabilities.

“We believe that every artist should have the opportunity to share their talents - and we have created a safe space to make that happen.” - Open Door Studio.

329 N. Fifth St. Oxnard, CA 93030

Want to explore arts and culture in Oxnard?

Grab your camera and plan your Oxnard Art crawl today!

Don't miss Oxnard's unique festivals including the Oxnard Salsa Festival, California Strawberry Festival and Steampunk Fest.

Bookmark this guide to local events in town to help you plan your next visit.

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