The famous Hollywood Beach gained its notoriety in the roaring twenties.

Movie stars and other Hollywood big wigs like Clark Gable and Rudolph Valentino frequented this area as a weekend vacation destination.

Sink into peaceful white sands

The expansive beach is a peaceful and less populated location to lay out in the sun, or spend the day combing the beach for sea glass (a common find in the Oxnard area if you spend the time to look) or searching for seashells.

Ocean wildlife abounds

Dolphins are frequently seen frolicking in this area, and seals and sea lions occasionally come to shore to sun themselves before returning to the water. Just remember, it’s normal for them to spend hours at a time on the beach, so just be careful around them and keep your distance.

Parking & AmenitiesParking is available on Ocean Drive and the other nearby streets surrounding the beach. There are no food options or facilities on the beach, however it is conveniently located near the Channel Islands Harbor where there are many delicious restaurants that you can visit before your trip, or take food to go for a lovely coastal picnic.

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