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Anderson .Paak Visits Oxnard

November 19, 2018

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Anderson .Paak, hip-hop sensation and Oxnard local paid homage to his hometown in his newest album entitled “Oxnard.”

“It’s the city that raised me and the city that made me” Paak said in his interview at the local radio station 95.9.

Photo Credit: Amori Photography

Anderson .Paak’s latest album dropped November 16th and features hip-hop legends like Dr. Dre, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg. The album is reminiscent of the 70’s funk beats and 90’s hip-hop music that he grew up listening to, and highlight’s the artist’s roots in his hometown of Oxnard.

“I just want to bring Oxnard to the world,” Paak said. “There is so much talent here, I’m just glad I could lay the foundation.”

Paak hopes that the release of his album will help bring more attention to the cozy but often overlooked beach town that still holds a special place in his heart.

Photo Credit: natetagulao

“People always ask where Oxnard is or what’s in Oxnard, after this album now they will never make that mistake again,” Paak said as he reminisced about his favorite things about Oxnard like Toppers pizza, Sierra Park, fresh strawberries and the Strawberry Festival that has been an Oxnard staple for 36 years.

In keeping with his appreciation for our town, Paak hosted a carnival on November 17th at the Oxnard Performing Arts and Convention Center at 2:00 PM to celebrate the release of his newest album.

“Now that Oxnard is on the map I hope people will check it out… I hope we can breathe new life into Oxnard.”




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