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Channel Islands Itinerary

With summer in full swing, it's a great time to start planning a trip to the beautiful Channel Islands National Park.

With trips to Anacapa Island leaving multiple times a week from the aptly named Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard is the ideal place to set up a home base for a memorable island excursion. Here are our suggested itineraries for your Channel Islands National Park adventure.

Itinerary 1- Freestyle Island Trip


Wake up and enjoy breakfast at your hotel or grab some coffee and a light breakfast at Spudnuts or Honey Cup in the Channel Islands Harbor.

9:00 AM

Grab a sandwich and some snacks to go from Harbor Deli Mart as a picnic lunch once you get to the island.

9:30 AM

Catch an Island Packers Charter to Anacapa Island and spend the day doing what you enjoy!


Arrive at Anacapa Island, rent kayaks from Channel Islands Kayak Center ahead of time and explore hidden caves and rocky alcoves, bring your surfboards and enjoy the warm island waters or strap on your hiking boots and roam the rolling hills and wildflower meadows. What you do while you're there is up to you.

3:45 PM

Board the Island Packers Boat back to Oxnard.

5:00 PM

Arrive back to the Channel Islands Harbor.


Finish off your day with a waterside dinner at Sea Fresh where you can enjoy locally caught seafood.

Itinerary 2-Wildlife Cruise


Sit down for a delicious breakfast at Mrs. Olsens Coffee Hut, one of Oxnard's most popular breakfast restaurants.


Board your Island Packers boat and spend 3-3.5-hours cruising through the Santa Barbara Channel and the Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary. Dubbed "North America's Galapagos," this area is home to more marine mammals in its waters than anywhere else on Earth!

1:00 PM

Arrive back to the Channel Islands Harbor for a late lunch or appetizers at The Waterside Restaurant.

2:00 PM

Stop by the Channel Islands Maritime Museum to experience priceless maritime art and ship models from hundreds of years ago. With over 70 original paintings done by French Impressionists, Dutch masters and English romantic painters and 80 highly detailed models dating back to 19th-century Napoleonic wars, you can get lost in the history of the sea.


Grab dinner to go from H.C. Seafood & Co.


Set up a picnic on Hollywood or Silverstrand Beach to enjoy dinner with a fantastic view of the sunset.

Tips Before you go

  • It can be wet and windy on the boat or on the islands, bring a windbreaker jacket.
  • Make sure to wear shoes with good traction for the boat and any hiking on Anacapa.
  • Check the Island Packers website before you go, certain islands/trips are only available during certain times of the year.
  • Reserve your spot on the charter early as these trips are very popular.
  • Dress in layers.

Things to Take with you

  • Binoculars
  • Camera with a chord to attach to your wrist
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Sunscreen

Make it a Weekend Trip

Oxnard has a wide variety of hotels, vacation rentals, campsites and more that will suit your lifestyle and budget, so you can enjoy an island trip and all of the other activities that Oxnard has to offer! Start planning your trip today!

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