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Hidden Gems in Oxnard, California

August 1, 2019

neighborhood mural silver strand beach oxnard

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Hidden Gems in Oxnard, California

Where Would You Take an Oxnard Visitor?

UPDATE: Winner announced!

Send us your tips on Oxnard’s hidden gems, and you could win a one (1) night stay at Hampton Inn Channel Islands Harbor* plus an excursion for two (2) aboard Island Packers to Channel Islands National Park**. 

Oxnard’s population tops 207,000 residents. That means, excluding babies and children, there are hundreds of thousands of residents acting as “word-of-mouth” pseudo-travel agents right here in our hometown. So, as a resident of the 19th most populous city in the state, we want you to share your expertise on Oxnard. What is it that makes this city so special?


Visitors Want Authentic Experiences

In the travel and tourism industry, there are increasing trends toward visitors seeking out unique and authentic experiences, staying away from the major attractions, gravitating toward things that make them feel like a local. And, no one is as knowledgeable of those things than the people who live, eat and breathe in those places.

ribs pasta seafood restaurant oxnard ca

Low-key restaurant Quincy Street Ltd. in the Silver Strand neighborhood of Oxnard may not be on most visitors’ radars, but it’s a local favorite.

Because, when you live somewhere, you’re not looking to attend that place’s most celebrated attractions. Instead, you’re looking to enrich your life with everyday experiences that allow you to take pause from your hectic schedule. You’re watching your kids play at their favorite park, strolling down your favorite path and greeting the familiar faces at your corner coffee shop. Being immersed in your life is your focus. And, visitors want to know what it’s like to live the way that you do.

Oxnard Awareness

Oxnard, the city just beyond Malibu, where Pacific Coast Highway meets Highway 101, isn’t the name for the county; the city of Ventura to the north has that privilege. Its harbor is named for Channel Islands National Park, rather than the sugar beet industrialist whose commerce sparked the city’s origins. Formerly dubbed “Hollywood by the Sea,” its most well-known beaches are named for the silver screen: Hollywood Beach, Silver Strand. Oxnard is a little under the radar; it’s a pleasant surprise, a best kept secret, a hidden gem.

Hidden Gems in Oxnard; Silver Strand Neighborhood Fence Mural Colorful

Another hidden treasure, this resident’s colorful fence is dedicated to the beautiful views from Silver Strand Beach, just two blocks away.

But, for those who know Oxnard, there are things for which Oxnard is well known. A stop on Amtrak Surfliner, Oxnard is home (for the past 8 years) to training camp for the Dallas Cowboys, the NFL’s premier football club. It’s where the annual California Strawberry Festival takes place. Oxnard is where Cesar Chavez became a labor leader and major historical icon for the Latino community. It’s the closest access point and gateway to Channel Islands National Park, “North America’s Galapagos” – one of the most biologically diverse places on planet Earth.

Sure, it’s all those things. But, it’s so much more. So, again, we ask…

Where would you take an Oxnard Visitor?

We want to know. What are the hidden gems, within our hidden gem of a city? We want the secret spots. The places no one knows about.

Send us your own personal tips on Oxnard. We might publish them right here.

Email your tips to

Send us your tips on Oxnard’s hidden gems, and you could win a one (1) night stay at Hampton Inn Channel Islands Harbor* plus an excursion for two (2) aboard Island Packers to Channel Islands National Park**. UPDATE: Winner announced!

*Subject to blackout dates and room availability.
**Excursion Passes are for a One (1) Day Trip on Santa Cruz Island



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