Where coastal charm meets boundless adventure, and each day brings a new wave of possibilities.

About the Channel Islands Harbor

Step into the beauty of the Channel Islands Harbor, a world of aquatic excitement, coastal sanctuaries, and awe-inspiring shorelines. This destination is a veritable treasure chest, catering to those in search of an idyllic setting for a leisurely picnic, a chance to conquer epic waves, or an opportunity to uncover panoramic views on foot or bicycle.

The Channel Islands Harbor is a gem on the California coast between Port Hueneme and Ventura. It was built as a recreational harbor in the 1960s and 1970s on 310 acres of land and water, with approximately 2,150 boat slips, as well as marina facilities, restaurants, sportfishing facilities, chandleries and shops.

Channel Islands Harbor

The Harbor is divided into three areas (west, east and peninsula) served by separate public roads, with each area providing different services. The Harbor has everything you need for an incredible day filled with exploration and exhilarating activities.

Harbor 145 Channel Islands


The east side of the Channel Islands Harbor is a bustling commercial hub with Fisherman's Wharf, sportfishing and Silver Strand Beach. This side of the harbor also caters to boaters, with boat yards, a marine supply store, and search and rescue facilities.


The west side of the Channel Islands Harbor features diverse dining options on Marine Emporium Landing, Hollywood Beach and the Maritime Museum. Residential developments and vibrant retail businesses offer a dynamic coastal experience.


Channel Islands Harbor's peninsula offers a harmonious blend of hotels, like the Hampton Inn and (coming soon) Hyatt House, as well as state-of-the-art marinas and a local favorite, Toppers.

Explore the Harbor

From relaxing beaches to delicious restaurants, the Harbor has everything you need for an adventure-filled day!


Kiddie Beach Park

Positioned at the entrance of Channel Islands Harbor, adjacent to the Silver Strand community, you’ll discover Kiddie Beach Park: a haven exclusively reserved for swimming enthusiasts. Within the harbor’s confines, this is the sole spot where swimming is welcomed. For those looking to set sail, watercraft launches are available on the beach’s northern edge. There’s lifeguards on duty, and dogs are welcome as long as they're leashed.

Hollywood Beach

Nestled on the western shore of Channel Islands Harbor, spanning a scenic mile, Hollywood Beach beckons with its unspoiled shores and panoramic vistas of the Channel Islands. Plus, worry-free parking options abound, with free street parking or easy access to the nearby Channel Islands Harbor parking facilities.

Hobie Beach

Hobie Beach, a unique and compact launch point nestled between rocks, is the ideal spot for water adventurers seeking to explore the harbor. This small strip of sand, primarily used for launching kayaks, offers a direct gateway to aquatic adventures. Adjacent to Kiddie Beach and close to a variety of local eateries, Hobie Beach serves as a convenient starting point for a day filled with exploration and enjoyment on the water.

On The Water Attractions

Experience bucketlist-worthy activities under, on and above the water, launching from Oxnard's Channel Islands Harbor.

Opportunities for outdoor adventure are plentiful in the Harbor. Choose from a range of recreational activities including jet skiing; stand up paddleboard yoga (SUP yoga) and more. Skip around the harbor with an electric boat rental, go sportfishing or sail out to the open sea. Ready for adventure? Check out some of the many offerings at the Harbor below.

Boating Opportunities

Hook's Sportfishing

Hook’s Sportfishing can customize a boating trip for you and your family. Explore an exotic outer island overnight, experience a multi-day adventure, or just sail a local half or 3/4 day trip. Their boats - New Hustler, Coroloma & Estella - offer a variety of open party and private charters all season.

Channel Islands Sportfishing

Embark on an extraordinary maritime adventure with Channel Islands Sportfishing, the premier destination for those seeking world-class fishing experiences along the stunning Channel Islands coastline. As a proudly locally-owned business, they are deeply committed to providing more than just a fishing trip – they offer a comprehensive range of marine activities, ensuring an immersive and unforgettable journey for enthusiasts and families alike.

Hopper Boat Rentals

Dive into a world of aquatic excitement with Hopper Boat Rentals, your go-to destination for an array of water equipment that promises endless fun at the harbor. Nestled in the heart of marine adventure, their rental services open up a world of possibilities for enthusiasts and families seeking an immersive and enjoyable aquatic experience.

Marina Sailing

For visitors in Oxnard looking to experience the joys of sailing, Marina Sailing offers a variety of services. They provide a sailing school and club for enthusiasts, along with American Sailing Association (ASA) certification classes. For those seeking in-depth knowledge, they offer the Complete Sailing Course (CSC) and the Ultimate Sailing Course (USC).

Gondola Paradiso

Gondola Paradiso offers an exclusive Venetian gondola experience. Guests can glide through the Channel Islands Harbor guided by a professional gondolier while enjoying scenic views. Ideal for creating unique memories, this experience brings a touch of Venice to the water, perfect for those seeking an Italian-style cruise.

Channel Islands Kayak Center

Channel Islands Kayak Center offers family-friendly kayaking adventures with kayak lessons, rentals, and tours! Stand-up paddle lessons are also available at their Marine Emporium Landing location. Their History and Wildlife tour features unique sights such as a pirate ship and a replica pygmy mammoth, making for an exciting and educational experience.

Southern California Jet Skis

Southern California Jet Skis provides a variety of rentals, including jet skis, electric boats, and bicycles at Marine Emporium Landing in Channel Islands Harbor. Visitors can enjoy the thrill of brand new Sea-Doos or the leisure of Duffy electric boats, perfect for memorable water outings with friends and family. For land adventures, bicycles are also available for rent.

Mystic Whaler

Central Coast Ocean Adventures (CCOA) is a nonprofit committed to delivering uniquely immersive ocean-based educational experiences along California’s Central Coast and the Channel Islands. The organization’s flagship resource, the 110-ft schooner Mystic Whaler, is the perfect medium for exploring adventure-inspired learning through sailing and the sea.

Scarlett Belle

The Scarlett Belle paddlewheel riverboat offers a truly enchanting setting for your most cherished gatherings. With its timeless elegance and romantic ambiance, this remarkable venue sets the stage for unforgettable weddings, grand celebrations, and special events.

Yacht Clubs

Enjoy amenities with your social membership at Oxnard's three amazing yacht clubs.

Yacht Clubs Oxnard
Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club

Yacht Clubs in Oxnard

There are three amazing yacht clubs to visit in the Harbor.

The Anacapa Yacht Club, formed in 1967, has a primary focus on sailboat racing. They also host social events and other activities. From morning yoga to sailing on the club sailboat, Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club (PCYC) is open year-round. Members can enjoy a swimming pool and spa, a full-service dining room, and a bar. Since 1960, the harbor-front Channel Islands Yacht Club has hosted activities including sailboat racing, cruising, and fishing activities.

Harbor Dining

In search of a restaurant with a view? These are our favorite spots to grab a bite on the water.


Lookout Bar & Grill

The Lookout Bar and Grill offers a scenic view of Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard. It's a cozy spot to enjoy British cuisine, watch sports on big screens, and experience live music, trivia nights, open mic, and karaoke.

Mrs. Olsen's Coffee Hut

Mrs. Olson's Coffee Hut, a local favorite in Oxnard, offers hearty breakfast and lunch options with harbor views. Enjoy omelets, pancakes, and more, along with live music and karaoke. The outdoor patio is perfect for dining with a view.

Smoking Jay's

For food enthusiasts and families craving top-notch BBQ, Smokin Jay's stands out. This family-run establishment specializes in a variety of mouthwatering dishes. Their menu boasts some of the finest burgers, flavorful tri-tip, and a range of smoked meat sandwiches.

Harbor Mart

Harbor Mart is a unique convenience store in Channel Islands Harbor and Hollywood Beach. There is also a deli section serving delicious sandwiches and burgers and you can drink beer and wine inside the store with your food.

The Masala Twist

The Masala Twist on Harbor Boulevard offers a unique dining experience with its lunch buffet, dinner, and takeout options. They specialize in traditional Indian cuisine with a creative twist in preparation and ingredients, ensuring each dish is a blend of flavor and emotion.

DINING AT Seabridge Marina

Don't forget to check out the many other areas of the harbor to find some tasty grub!

Yolanda's Mexican Café

Yolanda's, situated in Seabridge Marketplace, provides guests with delightful harbor views and diverse dining options including brunch, happy hour, early bird specials, and a banquet menu.

Raven Tavern

The Raven Tavern offers a unique dining experience that combines the charm of a traditional Public House with the contemporary style of an American Tavern. It features an array of elevated tavern and pub fare from both Atlantic and regional classics.


Honey Cup Coffeehouse & Creamery

For a yummy latte, a refreshing smoothie or handmade ice-cream, pop into Honey Cup. Stop in to grab a specialty dessert or coffee and relax on their outdoor patio.

Moqueca Brazilian Cuisine

Enjoy the authentic flavor of Brazil at Moqueca. If you’re visiting on a Sunday, try their authentic Feijoada, a delicious stew of black beans, beef and salted pork.

The Waterside Restaurant

Open for brunch, happy hour and dinner, enjoy classic American and Italian-inspired dishes. Enjoy views of the harbor in an upscale setting.

Sea Fresh Restaurant

The Sea Fresh features the freshest catch from around the world. Enjoy seafood from their grill, market and raw bar. There are two outside patios with a beautiful view of the docks, and they’re pet-friendly.

Farmer's Market

And if you’re visiting on a Sunday, enjoy the Sunday market held year round from 10am to 2pm. The market is a great place to try delicious baked goods, fresh seafood and maybe find a unique souvenir.

Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands Harbor is the closest access point to the "Galapagos of North America"

Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands Harbor is the closest access point to Channel Islands National Park, often referred to as the “Galapagos of North America.” The national park is just 11 miles from shore creating an opportunity to experience the magnificent wonder of this natural ocean environment.

Island Packers

Set sail from Marine Emporium Landing with Island Packers, Ventura County’s official concessionaire to the Park. The operator provides all types of excursions including non-landing whale watching trips, day trips to the islands and even overnight trips. Set out for the islands, hike to the campgrounds and sleep under the stars; return to the mainland when you’re ready. There’s a camping adventure for beginners and enthusiasts: be sure to check out our guide here.

Activities at Channel Islands National Park

Our boat trips offer:

  • Guided island tours
  • Guided kayak tours
  • Overnight camping trips
  • Educational tours

For more information, check out our guide here.

Caitlin Moore Channel Islands Oxnard

Marine Sanctuary

Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
protects 1,470 square miles of ocean waters around the Northern Channel Islands: Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, and Santa Barbara islands. The sanctuary provides protection for endangered species, sensitive habitats, historic shipwrecks, and cultural resources, through research, education, conservation, and stewardship.Visitors can find information about Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum and the Channel Islands Boating Center.

Channel Islands Maritime Museum
Oxnard Maritime Museum

Channel Islands Maritime Museum

For those interested in maritime history, the Channel Islands Maritime Museum features five centuries of art and a treasure trove of maritime paintings, ship models and artifacts.

Festivals & Events

Check your calendar for seasonal events at the Harbor! There’s bound to be a special event happening during your visit.

Parade of Frights Oxnard

Parade of Frights

If you're on the lookout for a fantastic family-friendly event that will fill your night with delight, get ready for a fantastic experience. It's an occasion that promises a 'trick-or-treat' twist. This event will feature a captivating boat parade and an array of entertaining family-friendly activities on land.

Parade of Lights

This holiday celebration offers a range of exciting activities. These include enjoying a festive boat parade, savoring various culinary delights, and even meeting Santa Claus! A holiday artist market hosts unique crafts and gifts, while live music sets the mood.

Whale Watching Oxnard

Celebration of the Whales

This beloved family-friendly festival offers a variety of activities for children, including chalk art and the chance to win wonderful prizes. Visitors can explore the engaging programs at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum, savor the offerings at the Channel Islands Harbor Farmers Market, and follow the "Gray Whale Migration Trail" along the marina path connecting these two activity hubs.

Fireworks by the Sea

Enjoy Independence Day in Oxnard with a spectacular fireworks display at the Channel Islands Harbor during the 4th of July Fireworks by the Sea. Delight in the unique seaside fireworks show, which is the only one of its kind in Ventura County.

Channel Islands Harbor Fireworks

Don't miss out on all of our other events happening through the year at the Harbor!

Harbor Car Shows

Calling all car enthusiasts! At the Harbor, we host many car shows throughout the year. Some of our most popular shows include the Father's Day Car Show, Ponies By The Sea, and the Central Coast British Car Club Show-- you don't want to miss out!

Concerts By The Sea

If you're visiting in the summertime, you'll want to spend your afternoons listening to live music and breathing in the fresh sea air at Peninsula Park! With an eclectic line-up and one of a kind views, this festival is a fun family event for all ages.

Where to Stay

Stay in overnight accommodations on the peninsula in Channel Islands Harbor


Hampton Inn Oxnard

Stay overnight with a marina-front balcony overlooking the harbor and its lineup of stunning yachts. Hampton Inn Channel Islands Harbor is nestled between Fisherman’s Wharf and Marine Emporium Landing, with opportunities for kayaking, sailing, tennis and fishing within walking distance.

Coming soon is the new 4-story Hyatt House Hotel, located on Peninsula Road in Oxnard. The hotel boasts 210 guestrooms, lobby, restaurant and lounge, meeting space, and an outdoor pool area that enjoys waterfront views. The hotel will include a signature 2nd floor rooftop bar and outdoor lounge as well as a 5,400 SF separate specialty restaurant.